Heather of NIGHT DIVE Designs a Collection for JOLYN!

This year, our Founder/Owner/Designer Heather created a collection for JOLYN that will launch in Spring/Summer '23, exclusive to JOLYN!
Recently they posted an interview they did with Heather: 

Click here or read the interview below!!

Meet Our Newest Designer from Night Dive Swim

So many of the good things in life have curves, from the mountain trails we hike to the curl of the waves we ride… so why shouldn’t our swimwear? Truth be told, being more inclusive in our size range has been a seed growing in JOLYN’s head for a while now, but we knew if we did it, we’d have to do it right. That’s why we enlisted the help of design expert and fellow water woman, Heather Brown of Night Dive Swim. Heather is working with JOLYN on future collections not only to help us maintain our focus on fit, style and durability, but also to make the brand more inclusive.

Heather’s impressive background includes seventeen years in the fashion industry, holding senior roles at Hollister Co., PacSun, and Urban Outfitters. As a clothing designer, she has always had a special interest in swimwear, which resulted in her embarking on her own swimwear label for the mid and plus-sized community called Night Dive.

Night Dive was born out of the realization that big brands held the capacity to make size inclusive swimwear, but didn’t cater to the curvy community. Heather, who has been confident in her own skin from a young age, used her experience in the fashion industry as well as her understanding of women’s diverse body types to launch the Night Dive brand. In her words, “no matter your size, you deserve to have premium quality, on trend swimwear, and have fun in the water.”  Night Dive offers a range of sizes from small to 6X and is constantly improving and adding new styles based on customer feedback. Besides being inspired by the shapes and sizes of womens’ bodies, Heather takes cues from nature, most notably the ocean, as well as fashion trends of decades past. 

Heather has built NightDiveSwim.com and Night Dives social media as places for mid and plus sized women to see themselves in a confident, joyful, and empowered way. Heather is committed to using only the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials throughout the brand from the fabrics to packaging. The fabric is made from recycled nylon fishing nets, the packaging is 100% biodegradable & compostable, and her shipping facilities are carbon neutral. Did we mention the production of the swimwear is made ethically as well? 

When Heather is not running Night Dive, moonlighting as a JOLYN designer, or saving the oceans one eco-friendly move at a time, she enjoys numerous outdoor activities. She loves to snorkel, play tennis, surf, dance, swim, sunbathe, golf, and listen to true crime podcasts while planning fun vacations. 
Heather’s new designs for JOLYN will launch in 2023.  In the meantime, please stop by Heather’s site www.nightdiveswim.com.

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