Spreading self-confidence and body positivity is a passion of ours. Creating swimwear that makes you FEEL GOOD is our goal. We are on a mission to be champions of self-love.

We did something VERY unique in the fashion industry- instead of fitting our swimwear on a size small fit model, WE fit ours on a size Large...and perfected every strap, cup, and bottom. We then made sure our bikinis are insanely flattering on EVERY size we offer. 

Our Spring '19 collection of swimwear is designed on the beach, made in Bali, and constructed in eco-friendly, luxe recycled fabric.  These regenerated nylon yarns come from ghost fishing nets and plastic bottles, and we think they look much better in our swimmies than they do at the bottom of the ocean.

We are excited to be a part of the sustainable fashion and body positivity movements, to keep encouraging women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and to know that every BODY is a bikini body.